The eighth ceremony of granting the award of The Largest Taxpayer to the State Budget of Georgia 2011


On February 03, 2012 the eighth ceremony of granting the award of "The Largest Taxpayer to the Budget of Georgia in the Business Sector of Oil Products and Results of 2011" took place at the Courtyard Marriott. The Union of Manufacturers, Importers and Consumers of Oil Products organized the event.
The company was represented by the Director of the Representation of SOCAR in Georgia Mr. Mahir Mammedov.
Throughout recent years SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd was reported to be the indisputable leader in the main nomination of the award - "The Largest Taxpayer to the Budget of Georgia in the Business Sector of Oil Products". Since 2006, the company has transferred to the state budget 775 448 992, 29 laris.
Specific data:
2006 - 4,384,516.73 laris
2007 - 89,336,173.88 laris
2008 - 173,165,975.92 laris
2009 - 161,193,002.93 laris
2010 - 149,736,750.01 laris
In the past, in 2011 overall 400-420 million laris have been transferred to the state budget from the business sector of oil products. Out of this amount, SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd contributed the major part - 197,632,572.82 laris.
SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd as the largest investor of 2011 was also submitted for the nomination "The Oil Company Making the Largest Investment in 2011". To be more specific, investment of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd in 2011 amounted to 53,423,462.00 laris. Besides the share invested in the development of the network of petrol stations of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd, the given investment was made in the implementation of two largest projects. The multi-functional complex «SOCAR-Goodwill Auto Lounge» located at the fast motorway Batumi-Tbilisi was opened by the President of Georgia and management of the company on November 28. Also, in 2011 the foundation was made for the construction of the joint complex of SOCAR and McDonald's in Batumi and Marneuli. During 7 years of successful operation at the market of oil products in Georgia, the investments of the company amounted to 183 920 263, 00 laris.
To be more specific,
2006 -74,620.00 laris
2007 -7,248,559.31 laris
2008 -25,500,242.76 laris
2009 -24,615,644.46 laris
2010 -73,057,734.47 laris
2011 -53,423,462.00 laris
In the nomination of «The company owning petrol stations with best infrastructure» SOCAR is an undisputable leader. 93 petrol stations commensurate with European standards, FDS equipped with Japanese equipment, car washing facility of the highest level and service, corresponding to international standards - all this was not unnoticed by experts.
Along with Gulf and WISSOL, SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd is also nominated in the area of "Making Contribution to the Development of Sport in Georgia" together with WISSOL in the nomination "For the Contribution made in the Development of Sport in Georgia" and together with WISSOL in the nomination "Construction of the Multi-Functional Complex in Georgia for the First Time".
Activities of the company are commensurate with the international standards of ISO 9001. In Autumn 2010 the company SGS granted SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd the «Certificate of ISO 9001:2008». In spring of the same year the company received the international award of business prestige and quality in Berlin.